My Reflection

I started this blog purely because my Fundamentals of Digital and Online Media (FDOM) course required me too. It was meant to teach me how to properly blog and keep up with promoting my blog. It was interesting. Although I did enjoy having and creating my very own blog, I don’t think I did everything I could to promote it.


Interesting enough, my most popular day was Wednesday.

The most effective way I found at promoting my blog wasn’t through my twitter, but through WordPress itself. I should of utilized the tags more in my blogs, I found that the more tags I had the more hits I had on that post. I found that promoting it on my twitter was a hassle and didn’t really reap the benefits I thought it would. This has been an experience I learned from though. I’m a journalism major with the want to be an editor after graduation, and I know it’s really important to be able to use sites like WordPress efficiently.

My most popular month was March, for some reason, and I got a total of around 15 visitors. My blog wasn’t as popular as I would of liked it to be, but i’m assuming that comes with the territory. My most popular article was the one about Purgatory Creek Park, and i’m assuming this much because it has a cool name. The most surprising this about all this was that because so little people were tuning in, my blog felt a little more like a diary? I guess this is the purest form of journalism.


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