Five Mile Dam Park

In the last year many of my friends have been talking about Five Mile Dam Park, and I had no idea what this place was. Then, when I spoke to one of my more outdoorsy friends about it they insisted I give it a visit. I was not disappointed.

Upon entering the park you notice a different range of fields that local sports leagues use for practice, but it’s past all this that the true attraction is shown. The park is located in front of the San Marcos river, and is surrounded by grass or smooth white rocks. It’s a gorgeous sight. The far side of the river has cliffs with what i’m guessing are very expensive houses perched on the edge (what lucky owners). The river is clear and cool, and while the first half of it is about waist deep there are shallower parts.

Although camping isn’t allowed at the park, it’s a great place to park for the day. You can bring your ice chest, a couple of chairs, good friends and maybe a dog or two and I promise you’ll be set for a great day. While some people did just this others preferred to go tubing on the river with a couple of drinks (which sounds just as as appealing). Other people chose to simply lay out in the hot sun and dip their feet in the river while enjoying a good book.Whatever you choose to do while at Five Mile Dam Park it’s a beautiful place to get some vitamin D.

Five Mile Dam Park is located at 4440 S Old Stagecoach Road in San Marcos, Texas.


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