Do Orlando Local Review

When I chose to start a blog about my different experiences in San Marcos, I didn’t really think it was a unique topic. However, I love SM and figured it was a town that didn’t get much recognition. After my first few posts, I started looking more into blogs about city experiences through the locals eyes and was surprised at how few blogs there were. There was one that stood out to me tremendously because it’s what I want my blog to look like after a few months. This blog is DO ORLANDO LOCAL. 

I love that the author of the site includes multiple things in her posts. It’s especially nice since she gives her articles a general theme and revolves them around that. Then, her little themes revolve around the theme of visiting Orlando as a local. I like the way she organizes and maintains her blog as a whole. 

A screen shot of Do Orlando Local’s blog!

My favorite article was New Orlando Foodie Spots. Her article made me want to pick up and move there because by the end of it my mouth was watering. She makes everything sound so appealing, and the photos she has make it look so much better. The photos are probably my favorite part, I know that’s not what most people look at. Her writing is wonderful, but it’s the photos that catch my interest and make me keep reading. 

Overall, Do Orlando Local is a great blog. If you haven’t checked for yourself, take a look! 


2 thoughts on “Do Orlando Local Review

  1. A Marie says:

    Hey Janessa! Thank you so much! You have no idea how reading this made me feel! Thank you for taking the time to read through my posts and I look forward to reading more about San Marcos via yours!! ❤


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