Tubing and Swimming in the San Marcos River

Before I even moved to San Marcos, I knew what it was famous for. That was Texas State University and tubing on the river. It’s local’s favorite thing to do and college students favorite way of procrastinating their work. Especially since we’re in the heart of Texas and it’s basically summer year round. Here’s how to maximize your next (and maybe first) trip to the river.

First and foremost, take sunscreen. Your body will be so angry with you if you don’t. The Texas heat isn’t one to joke around, and in the summer months it can get to be over 100 degrees. You’ll have a much better time overall if you aren’t an angry lobster the next day.

Secondly, snacks. Bring tons of snacks and water with you, so that way you don’t have to leave home because you’re hungry. There’s also places around the river access that offer food and drinks during the summer time. However, if you do want to eat at a good restaurant close to the river I recommend Herbert’s. It’s a good and local Mexican restaurant that’s know for their amazing enchiladas.

Thirdly, bring good company. Nothing is better than relaxing on the river, whether it be swimming or tubing, with your friends. I usually go with my dog and my boyfriend, but my friends are always welcomed. I love the river, and I use different parts of it but mostly I find myself at Sewell Park. It’s Texas States portion of the river so it’s constantly swarmed with students.

Texas State’s very own Sewell River.

I hope you keep these things in mind when you’re planning you’re next river trip!


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